Systemic Modelling Practice Groups

We offer a mix of times to accommodate different time zones and weekday, weekend, workday preferences.

Open to everyone, especially people who might not have had any experience of Systemic Modelling before and are curious to find out some more. Having participants with little or no knowledge of Systemic Modelling also give the students who come to practice a chance to work with a more realistic group and grow their facilitation muscles – we really value everyone who comes along, regardless of the level of experience.

During a typical session we will co-create the agenda and one or more trainees will practice an aspect of Systemic Modelling such as running a theme (an exploration of a topic of shared interest to the group) or leading the session set up, or facilitate live feedback for student practitioners.

These groups are both an opportunity Systemic Modelling trainees to practice and they are also a great way to get a feel for Systemic Modelling in action for those of you who are new to the work.

Many sessions are also accompanied by “meta-commenting” using the Zoom chat facility which provides an overview of some of what the facilitator is doing as the session happens.

Hosted by expert facilitators these sessions are paced and fun. Facilitation slots are open to those who are current students of Systemic Modelling.

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